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December 10, 2010

Could this be it? Maina Kageni finally quitting Classic Fm?

During this year’s, Fools day, rumor went round that Maina Kageni the Morning Classic Fm breakfast show presenter had moved to Royal Media Services and that he was being paid like the former anti - graft czar Aaron Ringera- a sum of two million shillings.

It was after these rumors that Maina decided to put the records straight and confirmed of having been approached to join Royal Media but quickly added that if he was to move, he would have “to be paid like Ringera” who by then earned Ksh2 million a month as the boss of the Kenya Anti-Graft Boss.

Well this may just come to pass.

Just so that we are clear we don’t do rumors on this site so get it straight.

Maina may be just headed to Royal Media Services after all.

Seriously? And as soon as January if all goes according to plan.

Sources claim that Kageni, who is definitely at his prime of radio broadcasting and currently one of the best radio presenters in Kenya today, may be joining the competition as early as January next year and with a very huge post- The Group Programmes Director.

Nevertheless, there haven’t been any word of conformation or denial from either Royal Media or Radio Africa, however, its confirmed that Maina has been in meetings with the crème de la crème of Royal Media, who now carries the title- the King of poaching TV station- Citizen TV, Hot 96 and at least over ten other vernacular FM stations.

Maina is said to have met with the Royal Media Big shots and placed his demands nonetheless, they station is yet to get back to him.

If Maina was to make this move, then it would be the one that will have him hang his mic as he has said in the past of retiring from radio.

In the meantime,

Popular radio presenters Edward Kwach who have like what now?

This guy have been in pretty all the FM stations in Kenya and Angela Angwenyi formerly of Radio Africa took over the mics at Nation media Group’s Easy FM and is currently hosting a program from 4pm to 8pm.

The duo has already taken over the afternoon drive show.

Kwach is currently co-hosting the program with Angela Angwenyi- the two who have in the past hosted a drive show on KISS 100.

You may have known by now that Muthoni Bwika who used to co-host a program with the DI was fired from the station while the DI was moved back to the late night show.

Just a thought? What happened to investing in new talent? Or should I put it this way? Is there any new voice in the mainstream media?

I guess that’s a question that can be best answered by John Wilkins and the like.

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